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Updated tool for innovation-friendly procurement

Woman doing mine clearance© Werner Andersson
Innovation-friendly procurement is a procedure that supports humanitarian organisations in partnering with the private sector in a way that welcomes new and innovative solutions. Download the updated version of the tool below.

To make sure that humanitarian response meets needs in the best and most efficient way, partnerships are essential. Partnering with the private sector and making use of innovative solutions can be challenging for humanitarian organisations. There are multiple reasons for this, however, one supporting solution can be found in procurement processes adapted to request innovative solutions from the private sector. Procurement procedures can be designed to increase the uptake and scale of new, and more sustainable tools in the humanitarian sector, and to build a strong foundation for sustainable partnerships with the private sector.

This guide was developed in 2021 in partnership with TINKR and The National Programme for Supplier Development. It takes you through the different steps of doing an innovation-friendly procurement process in the humanitarian sector. We have updated the tools with fresh examples and with a new profile.

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