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Seeking experts to evaluate HIP proposals

Girl raising her hand in a classroom© UNICEF/Mohamdeen
This year, we are seeking to contract consultants to serve as expert evaluators of applications to HIP's grant funding within two of our five focus areas. The focus areas in question are food security and innovative financing. Experts will be contracted for two years, with an option to extend up to four years total. HIP publishes calls for proposals annually, meaning that this delivery would be carried out once a year over the summer, starting with this year's call for proposals.

What we are looking for in an expert evaluator

The consultants should have proven humanitarian experience and expertise within innovative financing or food security, and not currently be employed by any of the organisations that are eligible to apply for the call for proposals. Innovation Norway has entered into Framework Agreements with experts within the other three focus areas and is now looking to enter into a Framework Agreement with one expert on innovative financing, and one on food security.

The deadline to apply is June 19th, 12 PM CEST.

Focus areas as described in our 2024 call for proposals (closing on June 28th)

Innovative financing: Innovative financing refers to a number of non-traditional mechanisms for raising additional funds for humanitarian and development assistance. This may be through innovations such as micro-contributions, impact bonds, public-private partnerships and market-based approaches/ business models.

Food security: Responses during and after a humanitarian crisis addressing issues of food availability, access, utilization, and stability.

Please click to find the tender document here

Please see a timeline of the planned evaluation process below, with the role of the expert consultants.

Timeline HIP evaluation Process 2024© HIP Norway
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