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Report launch: Leveraging the private sector in the field of protection

Refugee camp in desert land© Unsplash
Protection forms the basis of all humanitarian action and, therefore, must be incorporated in the design of programmes in all lines of intervention. Can humanitarian organisations leverage the private sector to innovate the field of protection?

The Humanitarian Innovation Programme grants funding and support to develop, test, and scale new solutions that can contribute to better and more efficient humanitarian action. The programme has four focus areas: protection, green response, cash-based assistance, and health and sanitation. These focus areas consist of a combination of modalities, themes, values, and sectors. They can – and do – overlap. Since protection is the basis of all humanitarian action in any sector, protection is therefore an important part of all focus areas. But how do we innovate in this space?

We wanted to learn more about how the humanitarian sector could leverage the competence, innovative approach, and know-how from the private sector to innovate the field of protection. We asked Oxford Research to dig into the topic and this report is the result.

We hope you find it useful and educational!

Download the report here

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