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Building a marketplace for sustainable energy

Solar cell energy in rural areas© PHOTO: ALind
The project want to ensure access to clean energy solutions for people affected by crises. 
The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and NORCAP is partnering with the private sector to develop a sustainable marketplace for green energy in displacement settings.

What is the humanitarian challenge?

While economic barriers have often prevented displaced populations and host communities from accessing the energy services that they most need, barriers to entry and perceived risks have also prevented private actors from entering the market in displacement settings and offering solutions.

What is innovative about the project?

This project wants to bridge the gap between the demand for sustainable energy solutions and the supply of products and services from the private sector by removing barriers to participation on each side.

The project will involve both the end users and the suppliers in the design of clean energy solutions, investigate various delivery models which promote financial inclusion within the community (e.g. mobile phone payments, digital bank accounts, pay-as-you-go), and engage the private sector and financial intermediaries in the design of effective de-risking mechanisms. The project will also aim to create new green jobs for displaced persons to fully participate in the growth of the marketplace.

What are the expected outcomes?

The project will create a thriving ecosystem for a broader set of clean energy-related solutions to be accessible for displaced populations. As part of the project outputs, the partners will develop a resource toolkit for guiding both humanitarian and private sector actors on effectively designing energy solutions for displacement settings. This will allow the model to be replicated and the learnings from this project to be more shared to a wider audience.

Who are the project partners?

The project is a partnership between IOM and NORCAP.

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